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Den svenska gruppen leds av två företag; CEE-AUTO-LEARN, representerat av Christina Erenvidh samt EDU GUIDE, representerat av Margareta Odstam. De två företagen har samverkat flera år i olika EU-finansierade program, t ex Studiebesök för experter och beslutsfattare, Erasmus Plus: mobilitet och partnerskap.

Vi har ett stort nätverk av kontakter inom området utbildning i flera delar i Sverige och via många yrkesår inom området förskola – gymnasieskola.

The Swedish team is led by two companies, CEE AUTO LEARN, represented by Ms Christina Erenvidh, and EDU GUIDE, represented by Mrs Margareta Odstam. The two companies have been cooperating for several years in different EU-funded programmes, as study visits för experts and decision makers, Erasmus Plus: mobility and strategic partnership.

Both are experienced in arranging courses and administration on different levels concerning European funding.

Christina Erenvidh

Being a teacher of modern languages for many years my interest grew for connecting with European countries trying to motivate my students for learning languages. When Sweden entered the European Union there was a unique possibility for me to find partners. Then my journey started with different European projects on various topics and I trained to become and international coordinator and a transnational expert. In that work I was a project manager, administrator and tried to inspire students and colleagues for European cooperation concerning mobility, strategic partnership, work placement, job shadowing and courses.

Together with my colleague Mrs Margareta Odstam we hosted study visits for experts and decision makers and arranged different Erasmus plus courses for people in education based on different topics.

Maggis Odstam

Min professionella bana har helt ägnats åt utbildning och lärande. Först som mellanstadielärare och därefter som rektor för grundskola och grundsärskola. Som verksamhetschef inom Järfälla kommun har jag också arbetat med läroplansfrågor, skolutveckling och internationellt samarbete, politiska kontakter mm

Tillsammans med Christina Erenvidh, CEE AUTO LEARN, har jag ansvarat för Arionprogram, studiebesök för lärare och skolledare, Erasmus Plus mobilitet, strategiskt partnerskap och Erasmus Plus kurser inom olika områden.

After several years as a teacher for children aged 10-12 with different subjects to teach Education became my professional platform. It led to more than ten years of experience as a Head for preschool and primary school. As Manager of Education in the municipality I’ve also been responsible for curriculums, educational development, international cooperation, political contacts among other areas.

For about ten years I have cooperated with CEE AUTO LEARN on running Arion programmes, study visits for experts and decision makers, Erasmus Plus mobility, strategic partnerships and Erasmus Plus courses on diverse topics.

Fler i vårt team:

Roger Viklund

The manager of KomTek is Mr Roger Viklund. KomTek is an acronym for a municipal technology centre and combines technology with entrepreneurship. It is a national concept the aim of which is to increase the interest in technology and entrepreneurship among children and youth.
In the long run it means that KomTek would lead to the objective to attract children and youth, especially girls to be more inclined to choose an education within science and technology in upper secondary and university education. Different kinds of practical activities are offered in both evenings and during holidays to reach the objective of an increased interest.
KomTek in Järfälla Kommun, the municipality, also hosts class visits, pedagogical support materials to borrow and in-service training for teachers within the activity. The target group in Järfälla encloses children and youth aged 6-19.

Bitte Bohlin

Growing up I had a strong interest for politics and international affairs. I trained to become a teacher of Swedish and Social studies and I have worked for many years in both secondary and upper secondary education. My focus when teaching has been to integrate theory and practise and not only to read about things but also to experience them.

To create an interest for the social institutions and how to manage the life puzzle has been important for me to teach my students, sometimes with various cultural backgrounds.

During some years I took part in a partnership project with several Europaen countries which had a great impact on my teaching. I was involved in project with a Dutch school on educational development and work practice for students from Sweden and from The Netherlands ( ROC Friesepoort ).

I wanted my students to learn about EU and how being a member influences life in Sweden. I also participated in a work group called ” EU- that is us” giving our students a possibility to meet politicians from local, regional and national level as well as people representing the European Parliament. I have participated in courses in the UK and in Israel to learn about social life in both countries.

Anna-Maria( Mia) Forsberg

Teacher of Visual Arts at Järfälla Gymnasium with a long experience of teaching pupils at different levels and walks of life. I have a Degree of Master of Sciences and my expertize comprises Visual expression and fine Arts like drawing, painting, sculpturing, design, illustration, animation and graphic design.

Lena Eriksson

Vår kontakt från den pedagogiska avdelningen på Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, är Lena Eriksson, chef för pedagogik.

Our advisor from the pedagogical department of National Museum in Stockholm is Mrs Lena Eriksson, head of Education, National Museum.

Julia Hellgren

Teacher trainee, studying at the Swedish University of Arts, Crafts and Design, KONSTFACK , in Stockholm.

My filiation is Visual Arts and Design and I teach animation to pupils in a workshop format/or just teach animation in workshops. The world of art, illustration, animation and design is where I spend my time.

Linda Svanberg

I have worked as a teacher of visual arts and media for 20 years at Järfälla Gymnasium. As an advanced skills teacher I have worked actively on the digital development in  Swedish schools.I have run workshops for teachers on how to create websites together with students as well as illustrating sketchnotes for the presentations for ”Webbstjärnan”( digital classes ) during the Internetdays. My focus is to enhance the status of Visual Arts in education and to show the communicative aspects of arts in society.

Andrea Sigurd

Teacher trainee at Konstfack, graduating year 2022 as a teacher in Visual Art and Media.

I like to discuss, teach and take part in all kinds of art: fine arts like drawing, painting, illustration; animation, film and photography; conceptual art and installations.