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Ur LGR 11 – om bildämnet – Curriculum

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Extract from the Swedish


Pictures are of great importance in how people think, learn and experience themselves and the surrounding world. We are continuously surrounded by images that have the purpose of informing, convincing and entertaining us, and giving us aesthetic and emotional experiences. Knowledge of images and visual communication is important to be able to express views and participate actively in society. By working with different types of images, people can develop their creativity and ability to create images.

Teaching in art should aim at helping the pupils to develop knowledge of how pictures are created and can be interpreted. Through teaching, pupils should gain experience of visual cultures comprising film, photos, design, art, architecture and various environments.

Teaching should provide pupils with opportunities to develop their knowledge about how to produce and present their own images using different methods, materials and
forms of expression.

Teaching should contribute to pupils developing their creativity
and their interest in being creative. It should also encourage pupils to take their own initiatives and work using an investigative and problem-solving approach.
Teaching should contribute to pupils developing their understanding of how visual messages are designed in different media.

Teaching should also give pupils the opportunities to discuss and critically examine different forms of visual communication and
contribute to pupils developing knowledge of pictures and images in different cultures, both historically and in modern times. Through teaching pupils should also be given the opportunity to use their knowledge of different types of images in their own creativity.
Teaching in art should essentially give pupils the opportunities to develop their ability to:
• communicate with images to express messages,
• create images using digital and handcraft techniques and tools, and with different materials,
• examine and present different subject areas using images, and
• analyse historical and contemporary documents, content and functions.