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Nationalmuseum, Stockholm – the National Gallery

Nationalmuseum är Sveriges konst- och designmuseum. Det är också en statlig myndighet med uppgift att främja konsten. I samlingarna finns måleri, skulptur, miniatyrer, konsthantverk, design, teckningar, grafiska blad och porträttfotografier. 

Nationalmuseum is a public funded museum situated in Stockholm across the water from the Royal Palace. The museum was moved and opened its doors on this location in 1866, commissioned by the government and constructed by the German architect Fredrik Stüler. Being one of Europe’s best preserved museum buildings from the 19th century, it’s also one of the most modern ones, renovated and restored during the 2010’s and reopened in 2018.

The collections span over six centuries. They form the basis for everything being displayed in various ways: at the museum building, online, and at several locations nationwide. The collections include paintings, sculpture, drawings, and graphic art from the 16th century up to the beginning of the 20th century and the collection of applied art and design up to the present day. They consist of artworks and objects, as well as archive material, documents, and art books. Altogether, creating a deeper understanding of the history of art and its role in society.

Nationalmuseum plays a key role in the Nordic countries and Europe as a whole. The decision to create the museum was made in 1792, marking it as a ground-breaking initiative in Europe. Creating a museum in line with the leading Enlightenment ideals of the time showed the way forward. Today, this vein is continued by challenging through innovation and reflecting on the history of art from a contemporary viewpoint. The museum wishes to pose questions and seek answers together with all visitors. Nationalmuseum is a museum for everyone.